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Designed from the bottom up to match the GSM terminal development lifecycle and reduce the time to market costs of delivering a modern GSM terminal to maturity.

The 6103 AIME is a GSM network emulator capable of supporting virtually all the feature sets of a modern GSM network such as AMR, DARP, GPRS, EDGE, DTM, GAN and UMA and A-GPS. The system has been developed specifically for testing the full protocol stack implementation from Layer 1, Layer 2 and Layer 3 through to the application layers over an IP connection.

Typical application areas of the 6103 AIME include:

  • DSP coding scheme development (supports all coding schemes, FR, HR, EFR, AMR, CS1-4, MCS1-9 all puncturing schemes)
  • Layer 2 and Layer 3 state machine debugging
  • Protocol stack design and compliance testing all the way to IP layer
  • Feature testing such as EGPRS Attach or call setup
  • Performance testing such as measuring EGPRS data throughput
  • Regression and stability testing
  • Application enabler testing such as Internet browsing FTP, WAP

The modular concept, along with a comprehensive list of available feature options, allows you to configure the system to your requirements today and long into the future.

A basic 6103 AIME system is able to support GSM and GPRS up to Multislot Class (MSC) 12 with one 6103G digital radio test set emulating the serving cell. Additional options allow more complex feature sets such as EDGE and higher multislot classes up to MSC 32.

The system also comes with a comprehensive set of scripts that allow the testing of most key parts of functionality and give a basis for the design of hundreds of customer-specific test scripts.

Subjective verification of the audio path through the terminals codec’s (both encode and decode) can be achieved using the voice quality analysis package called VQA. This can be accomplished with real time audio (through a microphone and speaker connected to the 6103 AIME controller PC) or by sending and saving audio files.

The 6103 AIME supports an application called CREAM that allows the user to test popular sequences such as sending and receiving SMS or setting up a data or voice channel by simply connecting the terminal to the system and using it as though it were on a live network. Recent enhancements to the 6103 AIME have included Assisted GPS (A-GPS) using a 12-channel full spec GPS satellite simulator.

Aeroflex has also entered the fixed mobile convergence market with an enhancement to the system that allows GSM devices with a Wireless LAN transceiver supporting either UMA or GAN to handover seamlessly between access networks.

The 6103 AIME system can be easily upgraded to a 6103 AIME/CT, a full 2/2.5G conformance test system complete with multiple test case packages compliant to 3GPP test specification 51.010-1. The 6103 AIME/CT system is listed at GCF and PTCRB as platform 11 and 54 for SIM and SIM SDK testing and 69 for A-GPS certification.


Documents to download:
  • 3Z Telecom
  • AMETEK Programmable Power, Inc.
  • Anritsu Corporation
  • EDIBON International
  • Leader Electronics Corp
  • SAF Tehnika JSC
  • Teamcast
  • VIAVI Solutions (d.Aeroflex)