The ideal tool for ILECs, CLECs, and sub-contractors, who are responsible for installing, verifying , and troubleshooting VDSL2 and ADSL1/2/2+ circuits and Copper loops.


Advanced Test Set for VDSL2 and ADSL1/2/2+

Now you can capture live field noise and export it to a wide variety of formats with a bandwidth of 106 MHz. The G.fast Analyzer is a Digital Storage Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyzer in one portable, high-performance system. Perform G.fast PSD mask verification and measure the TDD inter-symbol gap with one instrument using the software's G.fast PSD and TDD analysis features.

G.fast Analyzer/Field Noise Capture

G.fast technology promises to bring a wealth of new opportunities to Service Providers as well as manufacturers of DPUs, CPE Modems and Chipsets. This exciting new technology allows for a more efficient use of existing copper infrastructure by utilizing the spectrum above 30 MHz and by cancelling the crosstalk between pairs within a cable. This increases data rates far beyond current levels, making bandwidth-intensive applications such as IPTV and Triple Play available in many areas where it was not possible before.

G.fast universal noise generator
Local loop simulators (wireline simulators), interference simulators (noise generators) for testing xDSL equipment. Bandwidths to 36MHz.
xDSL Local loop simulators
  • 3Z Telecom
  • AMETEK Programmable Power, Inc.
  • Anritsu Corporation
  • EDIBON International
  • Leader Electronics Corp
  • SAF Tehnika JSC
  • Teamcast
  • VIAVI Solutions (d.Aeroflex)