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Portable Radio Test System



The 3550 is the first truly portable touch-screen radio communication test system. The 3550 takes radio and repeater site testing to the next level with a quantum leap in an easy to use, integrated test system for complete radio receiver and transmitter performance testing, cable fault and antenna system analysis. With its ultra-responsive capacitive touch screen, the 3550 brings a whole new experience to RF testing.

3550 Features

  • Next Generation Touch-Screen Operation!
  • Define your own test screens and then save for
    future use!
  • True Internal Battery Provides 4.5 Hours
    Portability on One Charge!
  • Super Light Magnesium Alloy – 8.3lbs/3.75 kg
    Weight! Almost half the weight of competitive
  • 0◦to 50◦C Operating Range!
  • 0.15ppm Timebase with Exclusive “Freq-Flex”
    External Flexible Frequency Reference!

Simplified Repeater Site Analysis and RF Installation Testing
Designed to meet a multitude of radio tests requirements, the 3550 provides fast, reliable measurements of the radio's transmitter and receiver parameters. Expanded capabilities allow users to perform quick testing of antennas and cables at the touch of a screen. The 3550 provides fast distance to fault, return loss and VSWR measurements with “Touch and Find” marker control for ease of use and accurate measurements.

Coupled with the most complete RF test functions available in a portable test solution, the 3550 allows you to quickly isolate transmitter and receiver problems and assess the complete performance of the radio communication system. The -140 dBm DANL FFT Spectrum Analyzer finds tough interference problems quickly, with exclusive “Touch and Find” markers and “Touch and Move” level control. In addition, the full span tracking generator gives you the ability to re-tune your antenna duplexer quickly on site.

R for Ruggedized

The 3550R is a ruggedized version of the 3550 Radio Test Set. Featuring a resistive touch screen, the 3550R allows for responsive touch screen operation, even when you are wearing gloves. Perfect for cold weather applications, the 3550R also features a wider operating range of -20◦C to +55◦C and MILPRF28800F Class 2 specification for toughness required for extreme conditions.

Complete RF Transmitter Testing

With integrated RF power, RSSI, frequency error and modulation meters, the 3550 provides complete analysis of AM, FM, P25, DMR (MOTOTRBO), dPMR, NXDN and ARIB T98 radio systems.

Complete RF Receiver Testing

With a fully integrated, multifunction RF generator and SINAD, Distortion and BER meters, the 3550 allows for simplified and accurate receiver sensitivity testing. Full function audio routing allows the 3550 to perform proven Analog SINAD and DISTORTION testing down to -125 dBm. Plus, digital bit pattern sequences provide the digital RF generator needed to perform digital BER sensitivity testing for DMR (MOTOTRBO), dPMR, P25 and NXDN systems.

Meters Any Way You Want It

Exclusive, easy to read color coded meters allow for fast “Go, No-Go” testing at a glance. Plus, adjustable size at the touch of the screen provides more or less data as you require. It’s so simple to set up and use! After you have the screen defined in a matter of seconds, you can easily save the screen settings and set-up parameters for use at a later time. You have 100’s of setups for future use, plus if you need more than that, the easy access front USB drive port allows you to quickly recall stored set ups from your USB drive.

Snapshot and Clone Me!

The 3550 snapshot features allows you to capture the perfect picture of the system’s performance before and after you’re done! Spectrum shots, Distance to Fault, SWR and any other combination of meters and displays can be captured into digital picture for future reference.

If you’ve ever had to manage multiple instruments, you’ll really appreciate our “Clone Me” function! If you have a fleet of test equipment that needs to do the exact same thing, and you have your 3550 defined exactly the way you want with screens and setups, the clone function allows you to transfer the same configuration to multiple 3550s through a simple internet connection.

Remote Operation and Remote File Access

Intermittent problems? If you’ve got internet access, then the 3550 has the perfect solution for you to remotely monitor tough to find system anomalies through your smartphone, tablet or PC anywhere on the planet. All you need is internet access and you have complete testing available at the click of a mouse, or a touch of your smartphone or tablet. VNC connection allows you to easily view a 3550 just like you were there. Found your problem and need to document it? Remote file access allows you to download pictures right from the 3550 to your local PC or device.

DMR Test

  • Burst Power Meter
  • Frequency Error Meter
  • FSK Error Meter
  • Symbol Deviation Meter
  • Magnitude Error Meter
  • Transmit BER Meter
  • Color Code, Call ID, and Radio ID decode
  • Transmit 1031 Hz, O.153, and calibration patterns
  • Base Repeater pattern for duplex radio testing
  • User programmable Color Code and Call ID

With the DMR option, the 3550 can now perform a complete test on the transmitter and receiver of a DMR radio. This testing includes the measurement of the key modulation fidelity parameters, FSK error, magnitude error, symbol deviation and frequency error. The 3550 can also measure the power during the burst and the power level between the bursts. In order to enable the testing of radios, without requiring them to be put into a special test mode, the 3550 also has a programmable color code and call ID. A key feature of the 3550 is the base repeater (BR) pattern. A radio in duplex mode must synchronize with this BR pattern before it can transmit. It would not be possible to test a duplex radio without this selection.


P25 Test

  • Modulation Fidelity, Deviation, and Frequency Error Meters
  • Transmit BER Meter
  • Signal Power Meter
  • Transmit standard 1011 Hz, O.153, and calibration patterns

The 3550 P25 option gives you the capability to test P25 mobiles, hand-helds, repeaters and base stations. With this option, you can measure modulation fidelity, deviation and frequency error and transmit standard patterns as specified by TIA-102.CAAA-C. This function becomes part of the Generator or Receive testing functions when this option is installed.


NXDN™ Test

  • Signal Power Meter
  • Frequency Error Meter
  • FSK Error Meter
  • Symbol Deviation Meter
  • Transmit BER Meter
  • RAN Decode
  • Transmit 1031 Hz, O.153, and calibration patterns
  • User programmable RAN for transmit

With the NXDN test option you will be able to measure the key NXDN RF parameters with the 3550. These measurements verify the correct operation of both the transmitter and receiver of a NXDN radio. The 1031 Hz pattern along with the selectable RAN enables a test of the audio of a NXDN radio without requiring it to be in test mode. With the O.153 random data pattern, you can perform BER testing of the receiver to verify that it meets its sensitivity requirements..

dPMR Test

  • Signal Power Meter
  • Frequency Error Meter
  • FSK Error Meter
  • Symbol Deviation Meter
  • Transmit BER Meter
  • Transmit O.153 patterns

With the dPMR test option, you will be able to measure the key dPMR RF parameters with the 3550. These measurements verify the correct operation of both the transmitter and receiver of an NXDN radio. With the O.153 random data pattern, you can perform BER testing of the receiver to verify that it meets its sensitivity requirements.

Options and accessories
3550 Handheld 1GHz Radio Test Set
3550R Handheld 1GHz Radio Test Set (Upgraded Kit)
3550OPT01 Spectrum Analyzer Option
3550OPT02 Oscilloscope Option
35XXOPT07 P25 Test Option
35XXOPT08 Tracking Generator Function
35XXOPT09 dPMR Test Option
35XXOPT10 ARIB T98 Test Option
35XXOPT33 NXDN Test Option
35XXOPT34 DMR Test Option
  Antenna, Cable, DTF Test Option
  Language Options
  Simplified Chinese 
  Traditional Chinese 
CALFB3550 Calibration Certificate - 3550
Regional Kits for 3550  
US Includes Hard Pelican Case + Accessories; US Plug
China Includes Hard Pelican Case + Accessories; China Plug
International Includes Hard Pelican Case + Accessories; International Universal Plug
  Accessories Supplied with Regional Kits
  1 x Hard, Transit Case
  1 x Power Cable (AC)
  1 x Handset
  1 x Short-Open-Load VSWR Calibrator
  1 x Cable (TNC) (M-M) (48 in)
  2 x Cable (BNC) (M-M) (48 in)
  5 x Adapter (BNC-F to TNC-M)
  2 x Fuse, Spare (5 A, 32 Vdc, Type F)
  1 x Case, Accessory
  1 x Power Cable (DC cigarette lighter)
  1 x AC25044  Antenna (BNC) (800 MHz)
  1 x AC25045  Antenna (BNC) (150 MHz)
  1 x AC25043  Antenna (BNC) (450 MHz)
  1 x AC25042  Antenna (BNC) (50 MHz)
  1 x Aeroflex Combo Stand and Cover
Accessories for 3550  
  Aeroflex Combo Stand and Cover
AC0826 Tripod
AC24006 Tripod, Dolly, Stand
AC27002 Attenuator (20 dB / 50 W), Adapter (N-F to BNC-F), Adapter (N-M to TNC-M)
AC27003 Attenuator (20 dB / 150 W), Adapter (N-F to BNC-F), Adapter (N-M to BNC-F)
AC27004 Case, Soft -Sided Carrying
AC27005 Battery, Spare
AC27008CD 3550 Series Op/ICW Manual (CD Only) (One Supplied Standard)
AC27009CD 3550 Series Maintenance Manual (CD Only)
AC27010PP 3550 Series Manual, Getting Started (Paper Only) (One Supplied Standard)
  Mounting Bracket for AC27003 150W Attenuator
AC25081 Site Survey Software
Extended Standard Warranties for 3550
W3500/203 Extended Standard Warranty 36 Months
W3500/205 Extended Standard Warranty 60 months
Extended Standard Warranties with Calibration for 3550
W3500/203C Extended Standard Warranty 36 Months with scheduled calibration
W3500/205C Extended Standard Warranty 60 Months with scheduled calibration
  • 3Z Telecom
  • AMETEK Programmable Power, Inc.
  • Anritsu Corporation
  • EDIBON International
  • Leader Electronics Corp
  • SAF Tehnika JSC
  • Teamcast
  • VIAVI Solutions (d.Aeroflex)